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Tamil Nadu’s small village of Chennimalai was once a thriving hub for the ancient craft of handloom weaving. But the introduction of power loom technology crippled the village’s heritage skills. Thus, generations of weavers—plus their invaluable skills, their knowledge, their entire way of life—fell into decline.

One of our founders, Dev, had been raised not far from Chennimalai. He caught wind of what was happening to the village. He remembered its fine jacquard, dobby, and plain weaves and the familiar, rhythmic click-clack sound of handlooms in the village’s flourishing days. This music, the pulse of the Chennimalai, was embedded in Dev’s psyche. He decided that he had to do something to help.

Dev turned to his good friend Sam—another enterprising man from South India—an expert in production and eco-friendly business. After a heartfelt conversation about the future of the village, both felt compelled to protect its way of life from extinction and create opportunities and respectable work for its artisans. So they embarked on the path of starting a textiles company.

But they wouldn’t create just any textiles company. It needed to be ethical. They were passionate about making a real impact, so Dev and Sam planned to develop a holistic, socio-economically conscious and eco-friendly venture that preserved heritage skills, alleviated poverty, and provided the community of Chennimalai with a sustainable way of living. To prepare, Sam took countless trips to Chennimalai to meet with their artisans. Though the weavers were naturally skeptical at first, Sam earned their trust over time. And what he learned from them was devastating; ever since the power loom boom, weaving families had been living a humble existence, barely above the poverty line. And as the cost of living escalated, their children were naturally attracted to the salaries offered by IT companies in bigger cities, and were leaving their homes in droves.

It was clear, then, what Dev and Sam needed to do. They called their business Five P Ventures, as a nod to their mission: PROTECT, PRESERVE, and PROMOTE the textile heritage of Chennimalai for the PROSPERITY and POSTERITY of communities just like Chennimalai.

Since founding in 2013, 5P has brought on a talented management team to help them carry out their vision.

We’re incredibly excited about the work we’re doing. Creating wealth and returning a significant portion of its value back to the artisans. Being gentle to our people and the planet we live on. It casts the future of handloom weaving in Chennimalai in a bright light. And given our accomplishments, we’re confident that this business model can be replicated in the future to help other communities, too.

What started as a meeting of two minds to create a business based on a holistic model will transform lives and transform villages for many years to come. We couldn’t be more excited to bring our clients along for the ride.


Five P Venture prioritizes the socio-economic well-being of the people behind the Chennimalai weaving tradition by:

  • Providing Design, Technical & Marketing intervention

  • Providing consistent and adequate compensation to weavers

  • Grooming the next generation of weavers with a progressive mindset


Our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities are based in India. We keep them in tip-top shape, as fulfillment on our promise to provide our staff with modern, safe, and sustainable work environments.

Prototype Development Centre


Our advanced Prototype Development Centre (PDC), equipped to develop a range of fabrics—from jacquard to double cloths—and to stitch fully-finished apparels and home furnishings, is home to 5P’s concept development, product development, and product costing stages.

This economic revival is essential to achieve self-reliance and progress that is being planned for the artisans in the socio economic front. Five P through this initiative intends to give the artisans their rightful place in socio economic progress of the region they belong to and the nation as a whole.

Concept Development

Our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities are based in India. We keep them in tip-top shape, as fulfillment on our promise to provide our staff with modern, safe, and sustainable work environments.

Product Development

Our vertically integrated manufacturing facilities are based in India. We keep them in tip-top shape, as fulfillment on our promise to provide our staff with modern, safe, and sustainable work environments.

Product Costing

A concept becomes commercially viable only if it can be produced for a cost that the market is ready to accept. Our PDC is equipped to try out various scenarios to help customers meet their price points with as little dilution in the original design as possible.

Loom Studio


Artisans weave our products onsite at our contemporary 12-acre loom studio with green building certification. The studio comprises two sheds that each measure 6,400 square feet. The sheds house a total of 54 looms.

  • Green Building - Green materials like porotherm blocks used in construction.

  • Architectural plan made in such a way to enable plenty of natural air and light inside the studio

  • 6400 sq feet space for every 26 looms

  • 1000 + trees planted around the weaving studio

  • A dedicated 12 acres earmarked for the project

  • Entirely solar powered with Swiss solar power technology

USA Office

Santa Barbara, California.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Shree Bharathi Devarajan

Founder cum CEO

Bharathi received her master’s in international business from the Grenoble Graduate School for Business (GGSB France) located in Singapore. She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore. Recently, Bharathi completed a research project that aims to study the model of skills development as an effective corporate social responsibility practice in the Indian construction industry. Since Bharathi has grown up in the URC family, she is firmly committed to building a business that gives back to the community, and she is eager to apply her formal academic training to this new dynamic venture.

C. “CD” Devarajan

Founder cum CMD

CD is a civil and structural engineer with 30 years of experience in construction and infrastructure development. He joined his family’s business, URC, immediately after graduation. He worked with vision and zeal and turned the 56-year-old organization into a highly diversified group with significant interests in housing, information technology, and project management. URC, with impeccable standards in social, environmental, and corporate governance, now supports over 10,000 families through both direct and indirect employment.

CD is a philanthropist par excellence and is involved in a number of projects aimed at increasing the knowledge standards of the region through quality education. Despite these achievements, CD remains a down-to-earth person, committed to implementing projects that are socially relevant and beneficial while sharing his dream with people of similar mindsets and life goals. CD believes that inherent ethics and values, given the right support and environment, result in a better society.

Sampath Kasirajan


Sampath is the managing director of Hydra Consulting Services Private Limited, which implements the Five P project on a turnkey basis. Sam holds a master’s degree in business administration with a focus in strategic management, supply chain management, IT enablement, business process re-engineering, and logistics. He did substantial research in collaborative business with one of his early efforts in seamless transactions, which was recognized by the National Science Technology Board, Singapore as one of the top 20 innovations of the year 2000.

Sam was also one of the first few consultants to be invited by National Australia Bank to study and present a business case on emerging trends and opportunities in the IT space for banking services. He also runs a number of programs to help students connect with the industry. One such program in 2007 was conducted at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, which linked students with one of the handloom sectors in India. He has delivered key lectures both in India and overseas in collaborative technologies, global sourcing models, business integration, and de-risking strategies.

Currently, Sam is involved with helping small-to-medium enterprises of the textile sector to regain their space and help them fight on an equal footing with their larger counterparts through three key groundbreaking initiatives, namely: The Hydra Confedera, The Green Vertical, and The Five P.

His involvement in Five P comes as a natural extension of the vision he has for the MSME sector. He was also on the board of Erode Textile Mall Ltd as vice president of marketing and sales, where he played a key role spelling out the marketing strategy for TexValley, India’s iconic, 1.4-million-square-foot trade centre, which is poised to support over 400 traders within the daily and weekly markets in Erode.

Carrie Clark-Kenny, PhD

CSO, USA Office

Carrie holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Archetypal Theory and Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute in California and completed her undergraduate degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in Women’s Studies. Carrie is a social entrepreneur interested in the transformational space between heritage skills, international commerce, and the textile industry. Environmental health, social justice, and responsible business are topics that help her lead the strategic planning for Five P Venture’s vision and implementation in the US market. Carrie facilitates complimentary partnerships and product development for western aesthetics and business practices.

N.P. Ponnusami


Ponnusami holds a license from the Textile Institute in Manchester, England—a professional textile qualification approved throughout the world—and a Textile and Ready-Made Garment Technology Diploma. With over three decades of experience in plant operations, production, maintenance, set-up and expansion, process enhancement, and sourcing, Ponnusami has become a leading go-to name in the textile manufacturing industry. He has extensive experience in the production of apparel and textiles, particularly related to luxury and high-end products for home and exported mainly to the USA, Canada, and the Middle East, and has a vast, hands-on knowledge of the complete manufacturing process. He has also overseen and been an exceptional leader in new product development, planning, monitoring and execution, time delivery, quality control, sample management and development, liaising with contractors and sub-contractors, implementing cost saving measures, budget planning/costing products, vendor development, and labour management. Ponnusami also has in-depth knowledge of retail sectors, textiles for the hospitality industry and private institutions, and luxury private members clubs and houses. Having travelled to Kuwait, China, and Europe and participated in countless trade textile fairs, Ponnusami is well-versed in dealing with the needs of international clients and businesses.



ManoRanjan received his Bachelor of Engineering degree in computer science from Amrita University, Coimbatore and received his MBA in sales and marketing from Narsee Monjee, Mumbai. After working in various industries like Honeywell, Pidilite, and Infosys, he joined his family business, an apparel and accessories manufacturing company based in Tirupur and Karur, India. Because of ManoRanjan’s strong inclination to work in a social enterprise, he has recently gotten involved in the strategic planning initiatives of Five P Venture. With some prudent strategic moves, he believes Five P’s skills and resources can be optimized to achieve greater levels in the industry.

Merchandisers - 2 | Supervisors - 2 | Accounts and Finance - 1 | Pattern master - 1 | Tailors - 10 | Weavers - 20 | Winders - 1 | Driver - 1 | Quality checking personals - 3 | Ironing - 1 | Packaging - 1


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