1) Energy Efficiency

The Five P facility is Green Building certified and solar powered.

2) Chemical Management

We use natural dyes and azo free dyes reducing the environmental impacts of our fabrics.

3) Pollution Reduction

We have planted 1000 trees in our weaving studio.

4) Organic and Environmentally Friendly Materials

Our cotton is GOTS certified. We use low impact materials such as Tencel and model.

5) Animal Friendly

We are ale to make Eri silk (Non - violent silk) products. As the name itself suggests the silk is extracted from the silk worm without killing it.

6) Sustainable Business Model

At Five P artisanal textiles are produced. Low quantity high value products are made. This reduces over consumption thereby reducing environmental impacts.

7) Decent Working Conditions

Weavers are employed year round, with fair wages for all employees. They work in a weaver's studio which is completely clutter free and well ventilated.

8) Ethical Sourcing & Supply Chain Management

Five P’s wealth creation follows a format that returns a significant part of the value it generates back to the artisans via salary, dividend and market capitalization.

9) Supporting Traditional Skills

Five P is now housed in a 12-acre site in Erode, Tamil Nadu and has 54 looms ready for weaving production.

Circular Fashion is our internal framework for how to adopt to a circular economy, guiding us on how to move away from traditional linear business models towards circular ones, like nature’s own ecosystem. It encompasses everything we do within our business: from how we design, develop, produce and build longevity into our clothing to reinvigorating our business models. Our Circular Fashion principles keep us committed to the four Rs: Reduce, Repair, Reuse and Recycle.


With an honest devotion to circular fashion as a starting point, we strive to create pieces with minimal negative impact that can be part of a closed-loop system.


We create clothes that last for a long time and take pride in making sure they do. Our Care concept furthers this by promoting garment care methods to our users.


We want to make sure that when clothing is worn out we can recycle it into new textile fibers again

Our Front Runner Criteria:

1. Sustainable materials 2. Recyclability 3. Transparent supply chain 4. Minimal use of resources 5. Minimal waste 6. Fewer chemicals 7. Minimal emissions 8. Respect for people 9. Respect for animal welfare 10. Long-lasting design and quality 11. Perfect fit and comfort 12. Financially sound


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