All the classic weaves like plain, basket, twill, herringbone, houndstooth etc, are possible on our looms.

Our denim and eco denim fabrics are our most sought after products. These are available in a wide range of colours, azo-free as well as natural.


Dobby is a loom mechanism that helps to lift warp threads according to a specific design. Simple repeats consisting of 48 warp threads or less, lend a minimalistic charm to the fabric.


To create fabrics with higher design intricacies, jacquard loom mechanism can be employed. Detailed patterns on classic fabrics like denim, linen, eri silk as well as double cloth variations are just a few in the sea of possibilities.

Hand-Block Batik

Batik is a wax-resist dyeing technique. Wooden blocks are embedded with nails to create designs. Nails are used as they retain heat and ensure that the wax remains hot. This is essential to ensure easy absorption of wax into the fabric. The fabrics are then dyed using azo-free dyes.

Kalam (Pen) Batik

A unique kalam (pen) is used to hand draw the designs on the fabric. The fabrics are then dyed using azo-free dyes. Free-flowing designs can be achieved due to the spontaneity of using the kalam

Hand-Block Print

Designs are hand-carved into wooden blocks of 8 x 8 inches or less. Each colour in the design is printed using a separate block. Designs are hand-printed onto the fabric using azo-free or natural printing pastes.

Hand- Screen Print

Designs are manually printed using screens, the size of which can be upto …. A new screen is made for each colour in the design and printed onto the fabric using azo-free printing pastes.

Digital Print

Digital printing allows one to print a multitude of colours, tints and shade in one design itself. It is advantageous for its versatility in terms of colour.


Fabric is stretched out on an Adda (wooden frame) or on smaller embroidery rings. Metallic thread, sequin, beadwork and types of cotton thread embroidery, employing various kinds of stitches can be achieved.


This type of embroidery used CAD(Computer Aided Design) and embroidery machines to create patterns on textiles.

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